Vintner's Luck Quote

Niki Caro, Writer/Director "Whale Rider," "The
Vintner's Luck"

I first worked with Joan Scheckel when she acted as script consultant on WHALE
RIDER.  We did not meet face to face for many months as I was in New Zealand,
but during that time the script grew deeper and stronger under her influence.

She brings insight and clarity to every project she works on.  She
has a deep understanding of the architecture of a story and is as rigorous
with structure as she is with character.  She is both challenging and
caring and is an invaluable partner on any project. Working with her is thrilling
and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Laurie Parker, Producer "The Vintner's Luck," "In
the Cut"
I love her.  She's amazing: perceptive, deep,
intellectual, warm, beautiful, funny and humane all in one teacher and performer.