Thumbsucker Quote

Mike Mills, Writer/Director “Thumbsucker,” “Does Your Soul Have a Cold?”
It's hard to find someone who reads a script as deeply as Joan, and who researches a text with as many different tools: lots of emotions, running around a room, a broad knowledge of the history of stories, obscure classical music, perhaps a little psychic something, and on and on. Then, like a doula, it would be hard to find someone as sensitive and nurturing to the difficult process of having all these feelings, articulating them in a way others can relate to, even when you can't, even when it's beyond your present skill set. Even when I don't agree with her conclusions, the questions and the wrestling bring me to a much richer understanding of what I'm trying to do.

Joaquin Baca-Asay, Cinematographer “Thumbsucker,” “Two Lovers”
I am a cinematographer and had only been directing briefly before I took Joan's workshop. Her workshop isn't just about acting (although I learned a hell of a lot about acting). It also gave me great insights into how to move the camera, how to use music, editing, scene and story structure, just to name a few. The experience was extremely intensive, really fun and deeply transformative. It was also incredible to be with other working directors in such a close and warm setting. Joan's workshop gave me real confidence with actors and has turned what was the scariest part of directing for me (talking to actors), into the part of my job that gives me the most pleasure.

Dakota Goldhor, Actor “Thumbsucker,” “HBO Voyeur Project”
Joan has a real gift. She'll lead you through the landscape of your script and help you to discover the treasure both within yourself and your film.  She has helped me to discover elements of my artistic self that I had supressed and forgotten about.  There is no hiding from Joan which is why I adore her.