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Joey Soloway - Writer/Director: transparent (Golden globe winner, Emmy Award Winner) Afternoon Delight (Winner Best Director Sundance 2013)

"I steer every person who's looking to the workshops of Joan Scheckel. This is what she insisted we needed to direct-- a sense of being present in the moment, an understanding of playable action as a tool to channel emotion, a stamina that would allow us to withstand the physical challenges of a feature set. As a writer, I had tools about character and dialogue, but as a director, I had a lot to learn about what we're actually doing with the camera. A few weeks in, something kicked in and I actually began to transform into a director. It's odd to me that even after ten years experience on the set of TV shows, I was completely lacking in a foundational language. I learned that language at Joan's lab. I employed things I learned from Joan about the intangibles of energy and relationships, producers and alliances and how the shape of the emotional nugget can inform the larger shape of the process. She handed me a map with clear markings that made sense."

What is it?

Learn how The Technique works, then see how it’s done!

Joan Scheckel, creator of The Technique™, introduces Scene Study! Using both lecture and practical application, Joan will reveal the core elements behind The Technique™ and then unpacks how it’s utilized by staging scenes chosen at random from the class.

The Technique™ has fast become the most influential approach to Film, Episodic and Commercial content creation in Hollywood today. This revolutionary 3 day weekend workshop will teach you how to think differently about story.

Come learn these career launching tools in Scene Study! Whether you are a new student wanting a real overview, or a returning student wanting to see how it all comes together - directors, writers, actors, DP’s, editors, producers and executives all excel when using The Technique™!

Check out this video for a brief intro:  Click Here


Learn the theory and philosophy underpinning The Technique™.  

This first night will unpack:

  • The standard action-obstacle-conflict-based paradigm
  • The standard antagonist/protagonist relationship
  • The Technique’s™ revolutionary, meaning based approach

Use the first nights info to:

  • Rethink your story’s core
  • Rethink the “rules” of narrative structure
  • Define the central meaning of your project
  • Define the direction for your rewrite


Learn the organizational principle behind The Technique™:

The second day lays out and defines:

  • The Foundational Elements of The Technique
  • The 5 Table Legs 
  • The 3 Basic Working Principles
  • The 35 levels of the mise en scene

Use this information to:

  • Understand the brass tacks specifics of what must be on the page and on the screen
  • Embody meaning and feeling through every aspect of the content
  • Create unique, compelling screenplay structures
  • Communicate effectively with your team


Understand how The Technique™ is put into play as Joan stages scenes from the class.  This is a  master workshop in how to think through material and bring it viscerally to life. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn directly from Joan as she applies her groundbreaking approach to scenework!

The Scene Study Lab concludes with a robust q and a.  Ask your burning questions, and get practical answers directly from Joan. Use this information to  immediately bring focus and depth to your work!

Use The Scene Study Lab to:

  • Understand how a new approach to craft can completely change your game
  • Get an overview of The Technique™ and how its used in a lecture like, rather than highly physical, setting.
  • Understand in practical terms how to apply The Technique™ to your own work.
  • Observe Joan work on scenes first hand, using the same skills she applied to Whale Rider, Little Miss Sunshine, Beginners and Transparent.
  • Learn how to write, direct and act in powerful, unforgettable, scenes


The Scene Study Lab is designed for Film, Episodic, Commercial and all content creators. It may be attended individually by the Writer, Director or Producer...or by the entire Team.

  • Directors
  • Writers
  • Actors
  • Producers
  • Executives
  • Financiers
  • Production
  • Designers
  • Cinematographers
  • Editors

Please see See FilmsCommunity and Quotes for Artists Joan has worked with and their thoughts.




Join Joan in-person for a hands-on experience in Los Angeles (Limited class size), or join the Live Lab via Zoom and participate remotely from all over the world. Online participants have the opportunity to see Joan demonstrate the embodied work with in-person students.



Anytime Self-Guided Online via Thinkific!  For the first time ever, this course can be taken online at your own pace, for details check out the SELF-GUIDED!



Live Hands On class size is limited. Apply Today!

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