Rocket Science Quote

Jeffrey Blitz, Writer/Director "Rocket Science," "Spellbound"
Working with Joan in the weeks leading up to production on Rocket Science proved to be time very well spent.  It was a terrifically fertile period for me where--encouraged by Joan's insight into performance, by her vivid and subtle sense of the emotional through-line of the story and by her keen editor's sense of narrative--I was able to connect more deeply with my own material and formulate a new and sharper focus.  Plus, at a moment when many filmmakers feel pure anxiety, Joan's approach was so engaging and so full of humor and joy and fearlessness that it set a welcome tone for our work that my actors and I maintained through the end.

Vincent Piazza, Actor "Rocket Science," "The Sopranos"
Working with Joan was an eye-opening experience. She opened up a whole new world to explore in regards to character, arc and overall storyline, which I now try and utilize on every project I'm fortunate enough to work on. An amazing process...