Perfect Strangers Quote

Gaylene Preston, Writer/Director "Perfect Strangers," "Bread and Roses (1994)"
Joan Scheckel's labs provide a safe and collegial environment for intense exploration of that very much ignored but important space  that exists between the page and the screen.  This space offers the most potential as a purely creative part of the filmmaking process, but in reality it is often swamped by logistic and technical demands. Scheckels' labs provide directors and their creative teams with wide ranging techniques that are practical, inspirational and foster truth-finding in text and sub-text that can then be useful to director, writer, actor and cinematographer alike.

RE: Private Sessions:
Joan Scheckel's script sessions are less based on the rules of literary criticism and more on deep psychoanalysis of the story itself. They are unique, challenging, enlightening and inspire self -confidence.  They are particularly useful to writer/directors, but certainly add heart and soul to what gets written on the page.  In an environment where scriptwriting courses can seem like formulaic guides, Joan's approach is like a breath of fresh air.  Definitely for grown ups.