BEATS 1: The Classics

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro - Producer/Director/Writer: UnREAL (Critics Choice Winner, Peabody Award Winner)

"Another incredible day in Hollywoodland!! 3 day workshop with Joan Scheckel blew my mind out of my head - one of the most incredible experiences of my creative life to date. Directing is a JOB; a really complicated, magical, incredible alchemist job, that I am learning how to ACTUALLY DO, step by step, beat by beat until it's memorized in my body. Doing exercises and showing sides of myself I am terrified to show... is the same level of stuff I am about to ask my actors to do. Great lesson in empathy.  Makes me crazy excited to properly break down my script, cast and MAKE!"

What is it?

Structural gold.

Beats 1: The Classics is an Advanced Alumni Course that dives into classic plays and movies to reveal the hidden architecture that makes the great scenes tick. Led by Joan Scheckel, Exec Producer Beginners, Producer I Love Dick, Consulting Producer Transparent and the creator of The Technique™, Beats 1: The Classics breaks down scenes from the Greeks, to show you structure at its most clear and conscious!

When writing, directing or acting, it’s tempting to go for a perfect, polished "bit". But this chops up the thought of the scene, making it difficult to shoot, edit, pace - plus it’s tough for the audience to follow!

Use these practical tools to structure your film or episodic, unleash authentic performances and express your directorial vision.  In one essential, craft packed weekend learn how to:

  • Outline the Actions that really determine the Beats and RHYTHM of a scene.
  • Delineate Beats from Mini Beats and Moments.
  • Structure your screenplay with rhythm and pacing.

Structure is Music.  Take this course in tandem with action and learn how to get with the Beat and make your scenes SING!


Advanced Course.

The Beats 1 Lab is designed for Film, Episodic, Commercial and all content creators. It may be attended individually by the Writer, Director or Producer...or by the entire Team.

  • Directors
  • Writers
  • Actors
  • Producers
  • Executives
  • Financiers
  • Production
  • Designers
  • Cinematographers
  • Editors

Please see See FilmsCommunity and Quotes for Artists Joan has worked with and their thoughts.

When / WHERE?


Join Joan in-person for a hands-on experience in Los Angeles (Limited class size), or join the Live Lab via Zoom and participate remotely from all over the world. Online participants have the opportunity to see Joan demonstrate the embodied work with in-person students.



In-Person class size is limited. Apply Today!

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