Write Your Scene

Niki Caro - Director: MULAN (academy award nominated), writer/director: WHALE RIDER (academy award nominated)

"Joan has a deep understanding of the architecture of story, and is as rigorous with structure as she is with character. Working with her is thrilling and I cannot recommend it highly enough."



Brand New Lab! Start your day Writing!  Each morning, drop into your body and connect to the page with Joan Scheckel, creator of The Technique™, Exec Producer  Beginners, Consulting Producer Transparent and I Love Dick. This 5 day course is designed to lead you from a deep exploration of your story into vital, surprising inspirations for your scenes! Charge your work with the vital aliveness of your own inner life!

WRITE YOUR SCENE offers you 5 guided writing sessions, one each day, and caps it all off with a lecture, Q&A, and embodied examples to support your ability to fully express yourself through your writing.  Whether you are working on a novel, episodic, film, commercial, youtube or insta content - WRITE YOUR SCENE will help you get deep into the core of your story, the complexity of your characters, and the structural clarity of your scene. Push forward into new understandings of your craft, your stories and your Self.

  • Take it Live, or do it self guided as your schedule allows.
  • All writing, All the time. Camera OFF, inner life ON. This class is designed for the quiet focus that allows you to bring your soul to the page.
  • Class will start with a short meditation to center, ground, and visualize the story aspect we will focus on each day.
  • Meditation is followed by a lengthy guided writing with Joan’s prompts.
  • Each day brings new tools, exercises, and guided writings to drive you to the page.
  • Class is designed to allow you to flow into your writing day, so if you can carve out extra time after the class formally ends, DO.
  • Find creative connection and support with like-minded artists through the JSFL Alumni Hub! This course allows you to access our open hearted, open minded community through Slack, Happy Hours, Alumni Meetups, Ongoing Classes/Generators.

Until now, the guided writing tools were available only in private sessions. For the first time ever we're thrilled to offer this curriculum to YOU! These are the same writing tools used to develop Academy Award Nominated Whale Rider, Academy Award Winning Beginners, Emmy Award Winning Transparent and many more.
Now it’s your turn. Go deep, go inward, and come out with New Stories for New Times! Words change worlds!



The Lab Series is designed for Film, Episodic, Comercial, and all content creators. It may be attended individually …or by the entire team.

  • Directors
  • Writers
  • Actors
  • Producers
  • Executives
  • Production
  • Designers
  • Cinematographers
  • Editors
  • Brand Directors
  • Any creatives interested in Story!

Please see See Films, Community and Quotes for Artists Joan has worked with and their thoughts.




Join Joan in-person for a hands-on experience in Los Angeles (Limited class size), or join the Live Lab via Zoom and participate remotely from all over the world. Online participants have the opportunity to see Joan demonstrate the embodied work with in-person students.



Anytime Self-Guided Online via Thinkific!  For the first time ever, this course can be taken online at your own pace, for details check out the SELF-GUIDED!



Live Hands On class size is limited. Apply Today!

Call us at (323) 803-5039 or email assistant@joanscheckel.com