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Congrats to the Alumni of the 2016 February LA 3 Day Lab - Chapter One: Action!

Congrats to Jessica Redenbach, Valeria Mendoza-Davis, Alle Hsu, Priyanka Mattoo, Rodney Rothman, Sophia Banks, Rebecca Addelman, Nora Kirkpatrick, Amy Taylor, Vanessa Hope, Meghan Cleary, Gabriel Jewell, Angela Robinson, Omar Rashed, Mohamed Elwy, Reena Desai, Kelsey Milano, Arona Luckerman, Jane Weinstock, Annie Monroe, Albert Kodagolian, Maulik Pancholy, Olga Segura, and Ruedi Gerber!


Congrats to the Alumni of the 2016 January LA 3 Day Lab - Chapter Four: Feeling!

Congrats to Donald Lopez, Karine Vanasse, Reena Desai, Abhi Katyal, Rowan Wheeler, Emily Ackerman, Marieke Lexmond, Tricia Nolan, Olga Segura, Kedren Werner, Michelle Agnew, May Lavender, Lauren Davis, Ana de la Reguera, Georgia Lee, Josh Bowman, Allison King, Rie Katagiri and Michael Capodiferro!


Transparent Season 2 - Watch it now!

Today the Golden Globe and SAG nominted Season 2 of Transparent is available for all to see! Congratulations to Jill Soloway and our entire Transparent family for their 2016 Golden Globe nominations including Best TV Comedy Series! Congratulations to all the nominees: Jeffrey Tambor for Best Actor in a TV Comedy Series and Judith Light for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series! We are so incredibly proud of you all! And even more congrats for the SAG Award nominations for Best Performance by an ensemble in a Comedy Series and Jeffrey Tambor for Best Performance by a male actor in a Comedy Series. Watch Season Two now!