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Congrats to the Alumni of the 2017 February LA 3 Day Lab - Action!

Congrats to Veronica Rutledge, Karine Vanasse, Puawaitanga Winterburn, Nathan Firn, Pete Shanel, Lana Palmer, Jennifer Arnold, Jill Vegas, Haroula Rose, Mark Stegemann, Charisma Carpenter, Shyree Mezick, Erin Granat, and Tom Dolby!


Congrats to the Alumni of the 2017 January LA 3 Day Lab - Feeling!

Congrats to Finola Hughes, Samantha Shada, Ashley Brim, Stephanie Bridger, Alex Zafiris, Sarah Carson, Kyle Bowe, Ada Gorn, Paul Young, Luci Schroder, Frankie Defusco, Vicky Jenson, Allie Avital, Brian O'Hara, Ari Gold, Alex Schemmer, Liz Femi, Dionne Lea Williams, Scott Nelson, Steve Connell and Melanie Holmes!



Go see our JSFL Community at Sundance this year! Congrats to all of our Alumni Writers, Directors, Performers and Creators!

U.S. Dramatic Competition: Writer/Director Marti Noxon “To the Bone” and Actor Don O. Knowlton as Jack.

U.S. Documentary Competition: Director Adam Bhala Lough "The New Radical", Director Marina Zenovich "Water & Power: A California Heist".

Premieres: Writer/Director Dee Rees "Mudbound", Producer Priyanka Mattoo "The Polka King", Director Andrew Dosunmu "Where is Kyra?".

Midnight program: Director Karyn Kusama "XX" and Actor Morgan Krantz as Jay, Director Steven Ellison "Kuso", Writer/Director Marianna Palka "Bitch".

New Frontier Program: Lead Artist Lily Baldwin "Through You", Lead Artist Jonnie Ross "Mindshow", Lead Artist Chris Milk "Life of us".

Special Events Program: Directors Jill Soloway/Andrea Arnold/Kimberly Peirce/Jim Frohna and Executive Producers Jill Soloway/Sarah Gubbins/Andrea Sperling/Victor Hsu and Producer Joan Scheckel and shoutout to star Kathryn Hahn "I Love Dick", Executive Prodcuer Nick Sandow "Time: The Kalief Browder Story".

U.S. Narrative Shorts Program: Writer/Director Lizzy Sanford “Rubber Heart”.



Congrats to our Alumni Writer/Director Mike Mills! “20th Century Women” an Academy Award Nominee for Best Original Screenplay is in theatres now! Congrats on the Golden Globe Nomination for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy and shout out to Annette Bening for her Golden Globe Nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture! The film is the NYFF 2016 centerpiece and also has 2 Spirit Award Nominations for Best Screenplay and Best Female Lead! Another shout out to Annette Bening for her Nomination! Critics Choice is also nominating the film for Best Actress - Annette Bening, Best Supporting Actress - Greta Gerwig and Best Acting Ensemble! Congrats to the entire cast and crew! And go read this felt interview Mike did with The New Yorker!