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Congrats to the Alumni of the 2017 May LA 3 Day Lab - Action!

Congrats to Trevor Anderson, Liz Benjamin, Naomi Bernstein, Juanita Butler, Carmella Cardina, May Charters, Lisa Cole, Hallie Cooper-Novack, Shauna Cross, Natalie Difford, Devin Glass, Jacquie Gould, Azra Isakovic, Jessica Kantor, Hal Kirkland, Katharina Ludwig, Valentina Matosian, Ana Mercado, Christina Reilly, Daniel Reisinger, Catherine Rhinehart, April Shih, Stephanie Swirsky, Emily Wagner, Erin Way, and Allie Yonick!



Congrats to our JSFL Community at the Tribeca Film Festival this year with 7 projects! “The Last Goodbye” (World Premiere - Storyscape) from Key Collaborator Here Be Dragons, Alumni Creative Director Chris Milk. “Hallelujah” (World Premiere - Virtual Arcade) Key Collaborator: Alumni Chris Milk. “Life of Us” (New York Premiere - Virtual Arcade) – Project Creator: Alumni Chris Milk. “Run Mama Run” (Tribeca/ESPN Sports) by Alumni Director Daniele Anastasion. “Take Me” (Spotlight Narrative) by Alumni Director Pat Healy. “Super Dark Times” (Midnight) by Alumni Director Kevin Phillips. "Lost and Found" (Pilot Season) by Alumni Writer/Director Haroula Rose. Go watch them all!



Congrats to Alumni Writer/Director Luci Schroder for her short film "Slapper"! Most recently she is nominated for an Australian Directing Guild Award for Best Direction in a Short Film! Already under her belt are wins at both the Melbourne and Sydney Film Festivals for Emerging Australian Filmmaker and Best Short Fiction! Earlier this year she was Nominated for the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at Sundance!


Congrats to the Alumni of the 2017 April LA 3 Day Lab - Episodic!

Congrats to Allie Avital, Liz Benjamin, Marjorie Cohen, Aislinn Derbez, Liz Femi, Amy Grappell, Mariana Hellmund, Jessica Kantor, Cynthia Kao, Hal Kirkland, Alexandra Kirsch, Lana Palmer, Christina Reilly, Kaylie Schiff, Deb Shoval, Alena Smith, Kristen Studard, Tara Subkoff, Kedren Werner, Jessica Lee Williamson, and Alex Zafiris!