Mike Mills - Writer/Director: 20th century Women, BEginners, Thumbsucker, Does Your Soul Have a Cold?

“It's hard to find someone who reads a script as deeply as Joan, and who researches a text with as many different tools: lots of emotions, running around a room, a broad knowledge of the history of stories, obscure classical music, perhaps a little psychic something, and on and on. Then, like a doula, it would be hard to find someone as sensitive and nurturing to the difficult process of having all these feelings, articulating them in a way others can relate to, even when you can't, even when it's beyond your present skill set...the questions and the wrestling bring me to a much richer understanding of what I'm trying to do."


The Feeling Lab focuses on the heart of The Technique™, Joan Scheckel's game changing approach to Film, Episodic and Commercial artistic craft. In this Lab, you will discover how to use movement, music, painting and writing to access the emotional core of your work. It's designed as the perfect companion to the Action Lab and is intended to be taken in tandem. Learn how Feeling connects to Action and Rhythm, and use it to empower every level of your creativity! This essential, craft packed weekend delivers tools to:
  • Connect to the authentic, emotional core of your work
  • Learn what Feeling is and  how to practically access it with truth and immediacy 
  • Apply Feeling to character, action and journey to create unforgettable stories and performances!


The focus is on clarifying the Essentials of your screenplay, episodic, or character. Break down and specify the key  feelings central to the Nugget, World, Character, Relationship, Overall Action, Inner and Outer Obstacles of your work. Use this clarity to:
  • Investigate the core of your characters
  • Define the world and tone of your  work
  • Create a Crib Sheet that brings coherence to your approach


Explore what Feeling actually is and demystify how to give it practical language in your  artistic work. Delve into the core physical exercises of The Technique™ and learn how to access Feelings physically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively. Use these tools to:
  • Bring through the Feelings central to your screenplay,episodic, or character
  • Translate Feeling  into movement, painting, music and rhythm 
  • Fearlessly embody the Inner Life of your story or character


Using visualization, drawing and movement exercises, investigate your character’s journey through the story. Learn how to literally move through the mountain. Use these tools to:
  • Deepen your understanding of your script structure and performance
  • Connect to feeling as a source of rhythm, blocking  pacing and interpretation
  • Unleash your creativity and play your way to emotional truth


The Feeling Lab is designed for Film, Episodic, Commercial and all content creators. It may be attended individually by the Writer, Director or Producer...or by the entire Film Team.

  • Directors
  • Writers
  • Actors
  • Producers
  • Executives
  • Financiers
  • Production
  • Designers
  • Cinematographers
  • Editors

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LOS ANGELES: Coming soon!


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